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Choose Your Tooth Implantologist Wisely

November 16, 2015

The demand for dental implants has considerably increased over the past several years, and for many good reasons. According to, tooth implants in Herefordshire offer a stable, durable and comfortable option for tooth replacement. […]

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10 Rules for Healthy Eating During the Holidays

November 28, 2016

Studies have shown that majority of adults gain a pound or more during the holiday season. But you can’t blame the holidays for those extra pounds; you can only really blame yourself. That said, below […]

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Chronic Beryllium Disease: Everything You Need to Know

March 17, 2016

CBD, chronic beryllium disease, or berylliosis is an occupational disease primarily caused by long-term beryllium exposure. Beryllium is lightweight, naturally occurring material that could be inhaled easily in its fumes or dust forms. Risk Factors, […]