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Hit the Gym for a Healthier You

by Talking Headlines in In Focus

Now, more and more people are enrolling in gym classes to be in great shape. However, working out alone will not get you the right body if you do not complement it with a healthy [...]

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What is Involved in a Smile Makeover?

May 13, 2016

Dental technology has come a long way and nowadays, people may whiten their teeth, correct their teeth alignment and prevent debilitating oral diseases. For many, though, the main benefit of more advanced dentistry is on […]

Heart Bypass Surgery
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Aftermath of a Heart Bypass Surgery: What to Expect

December 4, 2015

After undergoing heart bypass surgery, patients usually need six to eight weeks to fully recover and resume normal activities prior to the operation. Doctors often recommend post-surgery instructions after every discharge from the medical facility. […]

Metal Fence
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Don’t Just Fence It, Metal Fence It

November 26, 2015

While you could be mulling over the notion of putting up a fence, some stranger is parking his truck in your industrial yard. Let’s just cross our fingers hoping that the person has no evil […]