Once you’ve made the choice to change for good, you’ll discover that living in sobriety is probably the most difficult part of recovery. Many temptations go your way, plus the fact that you need to attend therapy sessions regularly to stay on the right track as you go on with your life. Due to these circumstances, you’re likely to choose the easier path and give in to pressure. However, if you […]

In recent years, there have been several studies about the health benefits of coffee. But still, many believe that coffee is bad for dental health. Find out why. It Can Stain Your Teeth If coffee can stain your crisp, white shirt, your white mug, or your white couch, it can definitely stain your teeth. Sure, tooth enamel is one of the body’s strongest and hardest substances and it might appear […]

If you are considering cosmetic dentistry, then you may have already come across  the term ‘smile makeover’. This is when your dentist helps you to choose two or more treatments that will revitalize your smile and combine them to create a beautiful effect. You can design your smile in a number of different ways using this method and give yourself the look you have always wanted. A dentist that offers a […]

There’s something about head pains and injuries that makes them particularly distressing and painful. Ears, eyes and mouths all seem to hurt more intensely than other parts of our bodies. In fact, toothache can become so unbearable so quickly that you can find it hard to push it aside and think about other things. What's more, if you break or knock out a tooth, you may quickly find yourself in […]

Life can be difficult with missing or damaged teeth. Dentures or bridges are one solution, but they come with many disadvantages. People with dentures often worry about issues like plate slippage, so they feel they have to avoid some of their favourite foods, including fruit, corn on the cob, or a delicious steak. Some people feel they need to give up certain activities such as swimming and dancing for fear […]