You might know moissanite as a man-made substitute, but it didn’t always begin in the lab. Experts reveal that this gemstone originally came from the stars. Around 50,000 years ago in Arizona, they revealed that they discovered a handful amount of crystal fragments in a meteorite that crashed. Gem manufacturers saw its strength, brilliance and scarcity compared to original crystals. They know it will create an outstanding appeal to the […]

Studies have shown that majority of adults gain a pound or more during the holiday season. But you can’t blame the holidays for those extra pounds; you can only really blame yourself. That said, below are 10 rules to party during the holidays without packing on weight. 1. Be very realistic. Instead of trying to lose weight over the holidays, maintaining your present weight will be much more ideal. 2. […]

When involved in a road accident, it’s only normal that you would call the police, the paramedics and possibly even a towing company. However, other than these known organizations and personalities, the presence of professional cleanup companies are also essential in cleaning up all traces of any car accident. They Do It Fast – With cleanup being their expertise, they would have the proper equipment, training and experience to do the job […]

One fascinating fact about your ears or sense of hearing is that it never stops working. While the brain does not process sounds the same way while you’re asleep, you can still hear them. What the brain does is that it shut sounds out. This explains why you can still sleep even when there is noise or you don’t remember what a person may have said to you while dozing […]

Are you hesitant to have your crooked teeth fixed because of the thought of a mouthful of metal? Well, you shouldn’t have to live your entire life thinking that because you have more options than metal braces to straighten your teeth. If you need braces in Tooele, study these options to find out which one bests suits your lifestyle. Metal Braces Metal braces are the traditional type that uses very […]