The use of different technologies has saved more lives and improved healthcare. One of the most important technologies in the healthcare industry is for helping patients. The use of electronic medical records (EMR) and electronic health records (EHR), for example, makes providing healthcare easier for patients and medical practitioners. EMR and EHR, at a Glance Many providers offer both electronic medical records and electronic health records, and sometimes integrate the […]

We all know that straightening your teeth takes a very long time. Those who wore metal braces during their teen years will know that it felt like decades passed while wearing them. It is generally accepted that straight teeth will take months or even years of treatment before they see the results. However, many will be familiar with new orthodontic treatments offered by many cosmetic dentists in London, such as Invisalign […]

Alcohol and drug addiction could take a toll on a person’s physical, social, and emotional life. It may even cause the inability to take care not only one’s self but also their family, career, relationships, and life as a whole. Addiction is described as a chronic disease where there is constant drug or alcohol use, and seeking for it badly. It’s a compulsive, difficult-to-control condition that may lead to various […]

Choosing a school is a huge decision that parents face at one point in time. While it is difficult in itself to find the right school for children, it gets more difficult if they have autism. They have various needs, making it hard for teachers and medical professionals alike to come up with a single method that would help their educational needs. 1. Mainstream or Special Some parents put their […]

Post-surgery complications can range from simple fatigue to fatal infections and blood clots. Here are five ways on how to heal faster following an in-patient surgical procedure. Be Careful What You Eat You’re probably sick of eating hospital food but recuperating at home doesn’t mean you can eat anything you fancy, especially if it involves sugary foods and drinks. Post-surgery meals should be rich in protein, which your body needs […]