10 Rules for Healthy Eating During the Holidays

Holiday EatingStudies have shown that majority of adults gain a pound or more during the holiday season. But you can’t blame the holidays for those extra pounds; you can only really blame yourself.

That said, below are 10 rules to party during the holidays without packing on weight.

1. Be very realistic.

Instead of trying to lose weight over the holidays, maintaining your present weight will be much more ideal.

2. Never skip your meals.

You’ll be less tempted to overeat at holiday parties when you eat a healthy and light snack before going.

3. Stick to a daily exercise regimen.

This will help you fend off extra weight and stress during the holidays. Try brisk walking for 10 to 15 minutes twice daily, suggests a top instructor from a renowned personal training network

4. Only eat until you feel satisfied — not overstuffed.

Savour holiday dishes by only eating small portions so you’ll have room to taste other treats.

5. Scan the buffet table prior to piling food on your plate.

Select foods that you really want to eat first and skip the ones you’re not really keen on eating. Don’t forget to throw in some fruits and vegetables.

6. If you have already overeaten during lunch, go light during dinner.

Remember, it only takes 500 calories daily above your diet to gain an extra pound.

7. Choose your drinks wisely.

Alcoholic drinks could induce overeating and lessen your inhibitions, and some even come with lots of sugar and calories.

8. Consider healthy holiday cooking by cooking some of your favourite foods lower in calories and in fat.

9. You shouldn’t skip dessert.

Enjoy dessert without gaining extra pounds by sampling one or two selections instead of full servings of all desserts. For instance, instead of a whole piece of pie, have a bite or half a pie piece.

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10. Get involved in holiday parties.

Volunteer to bring a dish or two to make certain that you will have some healthy food options during the party.

Yes, the holidays come with a whirlwind of happy hours and parties left and right, but it’s not an excuse to go off the healthy eating track. Keep these 10 holiday eating rules and your body and mind will love you for it.