Balayage: What You Need to Know About This Hot Hair Colouring Trend

Hot Hair Colouring TrendThe balayage technique has been around for quite a while now. You’ve seen it on the catwalks and red carpets, sported by a lot of your favourite models and celebrities. While some hairstyle trends can come and go quickly, it’s clear that balayage is here to stay. Are you itching to visit your hairdresser and ask for the same summery highlights like those on Rose Byrne, Suki Waterhouse, Miranda Kerr, and other top celebrities? Before you go, read up on everything you need to know about this hot hair colouring trend.

What is balayage and how is it done?

Balayage, French for ‘to sweep’, is a hair colouring technique that uses a freehand technique to achieve natural-looking highlights. As its name suggests, balayage is done by gently sweeping colour onto the surface of the hair. Unlike hair colouring techniques that make use of foils or caps, it doesn’t allow the hair to be too saturated with colour. This results on a more subtle, sun-kissed look that enhances your natural colour and gives your hair a more interesting dimension.

Does it only work for specific hair colours or lengths?

Balayage can work with any type of hair. It doesn’t matter if you’re starting with dark or light coloured hair. Unless you’re sporting a pixie cut, it can also be done with short hair. According to Vogue Australia, balayage is ideally styled with tousled waves or loose curls.

How much maintenance does it need?

Because of its emphasis on a more natural look, it’s no surprise that maintaining a balayage takes very little effort. With an excellent colourist, your balayage can grow out pretty well without having to be retouched for up to four months. As with all types of artificial colouring, the only thing you have to contend with is dry hair. Keep your hair moisturised with special shampoos and conditioners. Don’t forget to come in to your favourite salon for regular treatments, as well.

According to Circles of Subiaco, to ensure excellent results, get stylists who use the best hair care and beauty products on the market.

Considering that balayage gives you natural and sun-kissed highlights that require very little maintenance, it’s no surprise that it has become increasingly popular for many women. Get your own summery locks by visiting a trusted colourist in your area. In Perth, you can find many talented hairdressers.