Budget-Friendly Wedding Planning: 3 Must Dos

Wedding in DenverEvery couple wants to have that dream wedding. However, it is often the budget that keeps them from pulling that one off. So, how do you keep your wedding as memorable as you want it while still having it within the set budget? Here are some tips to help you out.

1. Set your wedding at the right time

Many women would often want to be a June bride, but going with the trend is not always a good idea. For one, June has now become a peak month because of that, which can raise the price on venue bookings a lot, as well as make it hard to secure one in the first place. Instead, choose a month that is outside the season.

Even the exact day of your wedding can matter when it comes to maintaining a budget. Weekend weddings are more popular, hence pricier. Of course, when opting for a midweek wedding, make sure that you inform all your guests so that they can make arrangements for it.

2. Trim down your wedding details

As your wedding reception is where the bulk of your expenses will go, this is also where you want to cut down a little. For instance, instead of extending your rent for the reception venue past the regular hours, which is more expensive, choose a different after-hours place. Here, your guests will be the one picking the tab instead of you and your partner.

Buying expensive diamond wedding rings is not really practical. While they are a symbol of mutual fidelity, wedding rings need not cost all your hard earned money. Go for customized wedding rings instead, Denver experts say. You can have the style that matches your personality and taste without having to spend much. Titanium wedding rings are a popular choice today. Alternatively, you can replace diamonds with cheaper versions such as man-made diamonds and gemstones.

Choose only one music provider for the reception, whether it be a band or a DJ, instead of going for both. You can even go with an even cheaper alternative by simply renting the equipment and using your own music player to provide the sounds.

3. Go the DIY route

As it turns out, there are a lot of details of the wedding that you can DIY. For instance, instead of getting premade invitations, you can make these yourself. Not only does it cut down on costs, but also lets you add a personal touch.

Remember that it is not about how grand you can make your wedding. Even a simple one will definitely be a memorable moment if done right.