From Gym Enthusiast to Personal Trainer: The Transition

Personal TrainerDoes fitness mean life to you? You never thought you would like going to the gym when you made the decision to start getting fit. Your main goal only was to shed a few pounds. Now, going to the gym is all you ever talk about. From bulking to cutting and your gains, the gym has become your second home. After a tiring day at work, you light up when it is time to pump some iron.

Becoming a personal trainer may have crossed your mind at some point. You already love what you do, might as well turn your devotion to the craft something you can earn from. But how do you become the spotter instead of the one lifting the weights? It is not that difficult.

Here are some steps on how to become a personal trainer.

Get Certified

Anyone can claim that they know lost about fitness by experience. Not everyone, however, may be certified to actually teach other people the right way to do things. Get proper certification from a nationally recognised organisation so you can have a good resume. Most people will see you as the right person for the job when you have the certification to back it up.

Find your specialty

Fitness covers a wide range of bases. You might find yourself leaning towards a specific field, something you enjoy more. Having a specialty allows you to become more marketable to clients who are looking for specific things. Get certifications as well on these specialties so clients know what to expect from you.

The only difference between you and your trainer now are just the legal certifications. When you already love what you are doing, it can be easier to be on the other side of the equipment. Teaching requires patience so you have to check first if this is really the right job for you.