Get in Shape Safely: Exercise Routines During Pregnancy

Clinical PilatesWhen you’re expecting, it is understandable that you may want to stay at home and rest for most of your pregnancy months. While resting is a necessity, regular exercise is also important to improve your heart health and avoid common pregnancy complaints. It is best, however, to talk with your doctor before starting any workout routine to make sure that the exercises you choose are safe.

The goal is to get fit safely and you can start with these safe and easy routines.


This is perfect if you haven’t tried any regular exercise routine in your life. Walking is great for your cardiovascular health without putting too much impact on your knees and ankles. Keep in mind, though, that is best to walk on smooth surfaces, as you may lose your sense of balance and coordination in the later months or as your belly gets bigger.


Pilates helps elongate your muscles while coordinating breathing to your body’s movement. Just don’t try to overstretch or use specialised exercise equipment. In Perth, Life Ready Physio recommends pilates as long as you don’t perform routines beyond what you find comfortable to do. Your instructor can suggest any modifications to your workout.


Experts say swimming is one the safest workouts for pregnant women. The routine doesn’t put any pressure on the joints and ligaments, with zero chance of injuring the baby or falling on your stomach. Be sure to choose a stroke that you find comfortable to do. Breaststroke is an ideal choice, as it doesn’t require you to rotate your belly or torso.

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Prenatal yoga is also a good choice to maintain your flexibility and strengthen your muscles system. The relaxation techniques, furthermore, can help you relax and teach you to have more control during labour. Just be sure to stay away from poses that require you to lie on your back, as it can put pressure on your veins. It is also important not to overstretch or know your limits when doing poses.

Exercises prior to pregnancy can help you maintain a healthy body. Just remember not to put too much pressure on your body and ask your doctor for other safe exercise routines.