Of Ears and Hearing: Fascinating Facts You May Not Know About

Hearing Care Center in WashingtonOne fascinating fact about your ears or sense of hearing is that it never stops working. While the brain does not process sounds the same way while you’re asleep, you can still hear them. What the brain does is that it shut sounds out. This explains why you can still sleep even when there is noise or you don’t remember what a person may have said to you while dozing off.

A hearing clinic in Washington shares a few other cool facts you may not know your ears and hearing.

Your Left and Right Ear Process Sound Differently

Research has shown that your ears are partial to different sounds. Your right ear is for speech and logic, while the left side responds to feelings, music, and intuition. This is probably why those who have trouble hearing in the right ear may find it difficult to sort things out, while those who have a problem in the left ear have difficulty in understanding emotional issues.

You May Be Tired Because of Hearing Loss

When you suffer from hearing loss, you’ll need to focus more to understand or interpret the sounds around you. You may also try to guess what others are saying by noticing their facial expression or reading their lips. Hearing loss fatigue can also affect productivity at work. In fact, studies suggest that about 15% of those with hearing problem are exhausted at the end of the day to do some leisure activities.

Your Hearing Depends on Hair Cells

The hair cells in your ear receive sound vibration and turn them to electrical impulses. These are then sent to the brain and the auditory nerve. When these hair cells die, you may not be able to hear certain sounds. The sad part is, these cells do not repair themselves or grow back once they are damaged. This is why noise-induced hearing loss among Americans. You can minimize damage to these hair cells by turning the volume down or using protective devices for noisy hobbies.

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The way we hear is an important part of our lives. This is why it is just important to care for them properly. If you think you have partial hearing loss, consulting a doctor or getting hearing aid is important.