Orthodontic Braces: They’re Not All Metal

Invisalign in TooeleAre you hesitant to have your crooked teeth fixed because of the thought of a mouthful of metal? Well, you shouldn’t have to live your entire life thinking that because you have more options than metal braces to straighten your teeth.

If you need braces in Tooele, study these options to find out which one bests suits your lifestyle.

Metal Braces

Metal braces are the traditional type that uses very visible metallic wires and brackets. Modern brackets are smaller and less conspicuous now than they were before, and you may choose from colored bands to personalize your braces. What’s more, metal braces don’t require as much maintenance as the other types of braces.

Clear Braces

Finally, Invisalign is a virtually invisible teeth-straightening treatment that uses a set of removable aligners. With the invisible orthodontics market expected to grow in the next four years, this type currently appears to be the most favorable one. Ask your dentist about it first, though, because Invisalign is usually only for light to moderate cases of crooked teeth.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are partially visible, using clear or tooth-colored brackets to hold the wires in place. They are similar to metal braces, but are more expensive and require more maintenance. On another note, these partially visible braces fix your crooked teeth faster than virtually invisible ones.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are virtually invisible because, unlike traditional metal braces, their brackets and wires are inside the teeth. They work pretty much like metal braces, but they require longer adjustments and more attentive cleaning.

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With four types of braces to choose from, you don’t have to be hesitant about getting those crooked teeth fixed. Get in touch with your local dental practice to discuss which one is the most suitable treatment for you.