The 5 Stepping Stones of Drug Addiction Recovery

Drug Addiction Recovery in UtahNowadays, many people are suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Drug rehabilitation centers play a vital role in ensuring that the affected people recover from the mess they’re in as soon as possible. No two individuals pursue the same path to recovery, however. While some only need residential or outpatient drug rehabilitation treatment and years of therapy, others may even have to attend counseling or get medications.

According to, a drug rehabilitation program in Utah or anywhere in the U.S. can help people with substance abuse undergo appropriate treatment. The following are some steps to pave way towards recovery.

  • Become Aware Of the Problem

At this stage, you may have realized that you are suffering from addiction. This might prevent you from having discussions with family members, co-workers, and friends, but that shouldn’t be the case. This might happen once the addiction has taken a toll on your finances, work and well-being.

  • Responsiveness to Action

Here, you will find yourself yearning to learn and know more regarding addiction and the impact it has caused on your life. You may also want to know the impact it has caused in the lives of those around you. At this stage, you begin to look beyond yourself and begin to recognize the negative effects addiction has on your family members, work colleagues, and friends.

  • Recovery Exploration

Many people believe that rehabilitation starts at this stage. This is because the transition from denial starts small steps, and here you will start to find the motivation to overpower your addiction by practicing abstinence, moderation, and sobriety. At the same time, you are also able to make your first key decision about joining an addiction treatment program.

  • Pre-Recovery

At this stage, you are exposed to significant risks as you learn how to refrain completely from drugs and lead a normal life. You are may be twice as vulnerable to drug abuse at this stage due to relapse. Here, you need to learn how to keep away from people who played a major role in your addiction.

  • Active Recovery

In this phase, you have made quite a progress to recovery. Most importantly, you have learned that you need to work harder for the rest of your life to avoid a relapse. This includes examining your thoughts and behaviors, working on new skills, obtaining a support system and being attentive to temptations and triggers.

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Recovery requires more than overcoming addiction to alcohol or drugs. It is the total change in your spirit, body, and mind. For you to get through the stages of recovery, you will need support from everyone around you.