Winter Tips: Stay Warm with the Right Clothes

Winter TipsWinters can be rough in some states. You may need to go outside but find it difficult because of the cold air. As much as possible, staying in to keep warm is always the best choice. When you really have to leave your house, it‘s important to know how to dress yourself strategically for the climate.

Here are some ways to keep your body warm even on the outdoors.


You don’t just put on any article of clothing to keep warm. You may end up with hollow spaces within your clothes or have some parts where it does not feel as warm. A strategic way of dressing yourself is layering your clothes properly. Having three layers can keep you warm for hours outdoors.

For the base layer, you need a fabric that can absorb the moisture from your skin. The mid-layer is where you need to wear thicker pieces such as sweaters. The outer layer or the shell is what will keep you safe from the wind and rain.


This is what keeps the heat from escaping your clothes when you are outside. Your body creates the warmth for itself and your layer of clothes’ job is to keep that warmth inside. Insulation is what keeps the warm air in every layer compact.

You may find some jackets from Pedigree Ski Shop that have insulation features so you do not have to put on as much clothes. Insulation jackets may already act as the mid-layer and the shell for your ensemble.

It is all about protecting yourself from freezing so layer up and insulate. The climate should not stop you from going out looking drab. Look for a Bogner ski jacket at the women’s section and you might find fashionable pieces to keep you warm this winter. You would not go to war without the proper armor so get your winter clothing ready always.