Why Your Kids Are Afraid of the Dentist and How to Overcome Fear

Dentistry for Kids in Avon, IndianapolisLet’s face it, kids don’t like going to the dentist. Something in the dental experience awakens a primal fear in children. Visits seldom go smoothly, and the journey from the house to the dental office is a battlefield for most parents.

Family-centric dental practices aim to change this experience. Gentle Dentist, a family dental clinic in Avon, says this takes a comprehensive range of measures, including a relaxed environment and a friendly and polite staff.

Come to think of it: nobody relishes the thought of loud noises, sharp objects, and people in masks prying inside their mouth. About 50% of adult Americans agree. But here’s an interesting theory explaining the special connection between dentists and crippling anxiety:

The Teeth Can Only Feel Pain

Why do people brush their teeth? Why do you floss or wear braces? Why do people care for their teeth in general? It’s certainly not to make the teeth feel good.

You get back massages and go to facial salons because it makes you feel good. Unlike your back and face, teeth aren’t capable of having pleasant sensations. Visiting the dentist is more to fulfill an obligation than to satisfy your senses. When was the last time you heard someone say, “That extraction felt so good!” You can clean teeth, shine them, even reshape them, but you can’t make them feel good.

Another reason you don’t look forward to the dentist is because, more often than not, there’s a painful problem at hand. Maybe you’d agree that the only time you really notice your teeth is when they’re aching. For this reason, pain and dentists become one and the same.

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How to Overcome Anxiety

The best place to start is your choice of dentist. A dental practice centered on the kids’ comfort understands the most prevalent problem areas and how to address them. In dental appointments, there’s a thin line between love and hate, and that line is a dentist you can trust.