Basic Things You Need to Know about Long-Term Acute Care Hospitals 

Emergency entrance to a hospitalFor patients requiring extended hospitalization, it is ideal to find a reputable long-term acute care hospital (LTACH). This is to make sure they get the right treatment and the best facilities for their recovery.

To give you more ideas, Landmark Hospital Salt Lake City provides a short discussion about long-term acute care.

What is a Long-Term Acute Care Hospital?

This is a specialized facility for patients who need extensive care and medical treatments. Most of the patients who go and stay here are those who had major accidents or suffer from stroke and other deliberating illnesses.

Doctors or surgeons usually recommend checking in to a specialized facility before getting discharged or going to a rehabilitation center. Keep in mind that patients are still delicate after an operation and other medical procedures. They are still prone to infection and other viral diseases.

Another important factor to consider is when lab results show underlying chronic diseases or conditions, such as diabetes, cardiovascular problem, and respiratory disease. This could affect the healing process of the patient.

How Long Do Patients Spend Under Long-Term Acute Care?

On average, most patients spend about seven to eight weeks in a long-term acute care hospital, depending on their recovery rate or the severity of the condition. Doctors need to make sure the patient is fit enough to get discharged. They will run physical tests and other lab exams regularly to ensure that the patient is responding to the treatment plan well.

What Types of Diagnoses Can be Treated in a LTACH?

Some common conditions treated in LTACH include respiratory and cardiac failure, systemic infection or septicemia, bone infection or osteomyelitis, and peripheral vascular disease. Patients requiring prolonged medical attention due to injuries or accidents also go here for special treatment.

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These are just few the things you have to know regarding long-term acute care hospitals. When choosing a facility, be sure to check the specializations and expertise of their doctors and nursing staff.