Determining the Right Breast Implant Size for You

Silicon Breast ImplantsAs your breasts undergo various changes due to weight loss, lactation, and pregnancy, you might be apprehensive about their appearance. Fortunately, you can improve your breasts’ look by getting a saline or silicone breast implant or augmentation.

There are things you need to think about before pushing through with the operation. The desired size of your breast implants like those offered by Dr. Steven Warnock is one of the vital considerations, for instance. There are several ways to determine the best implant size for you. Here are the most efficient ones.

Bra Cup Size Reference

Your bra cup size can prove helpful in getting a perfect implant size for you. This size, however, depends on several factors, including the bra manufacturer, and the extent to which your breast fits the bra. Using a bra cup size should also take into account the implant’s profile and type to get a perfect size.

Breast Implant Sizers

These are available at breast implant clinics and provide excellent visualization of how an implant’s size will alter your look. Compared to the bra cup size, this is a more accurate method as it is an 80-90% presentation of how the implants will look. You should, however, remember that the implants will fit a little differently once under your breasts’ skin.

3D Digital Simulations

These are also available at implant clinics. The computer simulations give you visualization on how different implant sizes will look on you. It is among the most accurate methods of determining the ideal implant size for you. The simulations cannot, however, account for disparities in your breast tissue’s elasticity.

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Just like a shoe’s size, there is a perfect implant size for everybody depending on their body type and figure. The above methods will help in determine your implant’s ideal fit. Before settling on one, consult your surgeon on the best one so that you can guarantee you will be happy with your surgery’s results.