Don’t Delay Healing with These Wound Care Myths

man holding leg with bandages around ankleWounds have a better chance of healing faster if properly treated and cared for. The sad part is there are a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding wound care. It pays to be aware of them to avoid causing more harm or delaying the healing process.

Urgent care centers in Schererville, Indiana share the wound care myths you need to know about:

You should clean the wound with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide

While both solutions are antiseptic, disinfecting wounds with hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol can do more harm than good. They can actually irritate the wound, harm the tissue, and delay healing. The proper to clean a minor wound is with a gentle soap and cool running water.

Letting a wound breathe accelerates healing

Leaving wounds or scrapes uncovered can increase the risk of infection, as they’re exposed to dirt and bacteria. It’s always advisable to cover a wound with a bandage, which helps the cells and blood vessels to heal faster and minimize inflammation. Bandaging also protects the area from rubbing against fabric, clothing, and other surfaces.

Small wounds don’t require treatment

Barely noticeable scrapes and wounds still need cleaning and treatment. Keep in mind that dirt and bacteria can still enter the body even through the smallest wounds. It’s best to treat every wound regardless of the size to minimize the risk of infection and speed up healing.

Butter works for burn wound

The truth is applying butter or any related product can cause more damage, as it can trap the heat on your skin. If you got minor burns, it is best to run it under cool water until the pain subsides. If you, on the other hand, have blisters, use a sterile gauze bandage to cover the area.

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Prevent complications, pain, and infection by avoiding these wound care myths. If you’re dealing with a larger or deeper wound, or notice increased pain, swelling, and green and yellow pus, visit an urgent care clinic and see a healthcare provider. You should also seek medical help if you cannot clean the wound properly.