Keep It Simple: Avoid Over-Styling for Healthier Hair

a girl worried about hair lossProper and regular hair care is the key to keeping it healthy. Creating and sticking to a hair care routine can greatly improve the appearance and overall health of your hair. Kerluxe, a developer of premium hair care products, for instance, believes in the benefits of incorporating a 4-step hair care ritual (cleansing, hydrating, treating, and protecting) in your daily life.

If you’re putting in the effort to ensure beautiful tresses, you should also do your best to avoid picking up harmful hair habits. Over-styling, for example, greatly damages hair and may even cause hair loss.

Heat and Chemicals

The affordability and travel-friendly size of curling or flat irons makes it to style hair regularly, whether you’re at home or on holiday. Unfortunately, very high heat damages the hair, making it brittle and more likely to have split ends or breakages.

Styling products, meanwhile, contain a lot of chemicals and synthetic ingredients. These chemicals may cause harm to your hair if used frequently. Hair gels, hair spray, hair volumisers and similar products should be used in moderation to avoid significant hair damage.

Salon hair procedures, such as colouring, straightening and perming, also involve the use of harsh chemicals on your hair. Use conditioners and visit your hairdresser regularly for nourishing hair treatments after such procedures.

Mind the Little Things

Little, everyday things can also contribute to hair damage or hair loss over a long period. Forceful towel drying and hair brushing, for instance, can cause breakage and split ends as wet hair is more vulnerable. It’s better to pat excess water from your hair and let it air dry before any vigorous drying occurs.

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If you’re a fan of brushing your hair a lot, then you need to ease up on it. Hair care professionals recommend limiting your hair brushing to twice a day. It’s also better to gently work on hair tangles towards the ends before brushing from the top to avoid pulling out your hair from the root.

High and tight ponytails may be in fashion right now, but it’s not kind to your tresses. Wearing tight ponytails or buns every day causes strain on your hair. These styles can damage hair follicles and may even lead to traction alopecia.

Take the time to care for your hair and nurture it back to health. Remember, it’s not enough to simply follow a hair care routine. You should also reduce the stressors to your hair and rethink your daily styling habits.