Modern Clear Dental Aligner Options

person holding clear dental alignersAmong the frequent issues you will encounter at your dental or orthodontic practice are crooked teeth. Braces were the only solution for this issue in the past, but they were unfortunately hard to clean, and most patients had a problem with their visibility.

Thankfully, you can now prescribe clear teeth aligners for your patients to correct this dental condition. These invisible braces gradually straighten out teeth. There are various innovations currently in the manufacture of properly fitting and superior-quality aligners, including 3D printing, scanners and CAD-CAM manufacturing.

Here are the clear aligner options you can have for your patients.

Progressive clear aligners

Currently, you can find an application or software that designs very accurate clear aligners within a very short period. All the lab will need is an impression of your patient’s teeth from which they will create a 3D printed model.

You will then get the progressive clear aligners approximately two weeks after the submission of the impressions. You can use this model for making a replacement of progressive clear aligners should the patient lose their appliance.

Spring aligners

Spring aligners are considerably cheaper than progressive clear ones. They are, however, only efficient in correcting minimally crooked teeth. Manufacturers design them using a 3D-printed model made from your patient’s dental impression, just like progressive clear aligners.

Dynamic labial bows

If your patient’s anterior teeth are flared out, dynamic labial bows are a perfect solution. They have a flexible design that allows the aligners to stretch and reduce teeth flaring. The wires used for the dynamic labial bows are custom-bent and measured according to the 3D printed model of your patient’s dental impression.

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Delivering optimal results for your patients is essential to keep the doors of your dental practice open. With the above clear aligners, you can rest assured of happy clients. Ensure you collaborate with an excellent orthodontic lab that produces superior quality clear aligners with minimal down times.