The 3 Common Kinds of Memory Disorders

senior trying to remember his ageHow often do you find yourself searching for something in your house or forgetting someone’s name? Most people suffer regular mental blocks once they reach their early 20s. The memory slips become worse when they are under stress. While this seems normal, in some cases it is an attention disorder.

At an older age, mental block progresses significantly leading to you forgetting almost all that you once knew. It gets to a point whereby to increase the quality of your life, you need to be taken to a memory care facility. That said, in addition to mental block, below are other kinds of memory disorders that may need you to be taken to a memory care facility in Orem.

Alcohol-related dementia

This type of dementia comes about because of the overload of toxins in the brain. People experiencing this condition get short periods where they have no memory of who they are. The disorder can also manifest in regular losses of the short-term memory. Fortunately, it is possible for one to recover from this disorder with proper care.

Post-traumatic memory loss

When one undergoes severe stress over an extended period, they could develop long-term loss of memory. The same can also happen after a grisly accident or for soldiers at war. Normally, the memory center shrinks due to an excess of glutamate and manifests as an inability to keep information. This memory loss is treatable with care over an extended period.


Dementia is a term for symptoms of the brain that affect perception, memory, and speech. The disorder affects short-term memory. The affected can forget their friends or family or they can forget how to do simple tasks. However, they may be able to remember past events.

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Memory impairments can change how a person feels or thinks. The changes can have a lasting impact on their caregivers, especially if they are not well-equipped. As a rule of thumb, if you or your loved one begin to experience memory lapses, it is important to seek medical advice while it is still early.