4 Things to Consider When Deciding to Have a Dental Crown

Close-up of dental crownsVisiting your dentist regularly is a good way to maintain your bright smile. However, there are times when you need some extra dental work done to make your smile even better. One option is getting a dental crown to correct teeth imperfections.

Dentists use the dental crown to either camouflage or repair a broken, cracked or if you chipped a tooth. But before you get one from your trusted dentist in Medford, MA, you must remember a few important things.


Dental crowns usually differ from one dental office to another. You might expect to pay an average of around $500 to as much as $3,000 for every tooth. You may also have an option to either get gold or silver crowns, but they can be more expensive than porcelain or ceramic.

Get Familiar with the Procedure

Your cosmetic dentist must assess your dental problem before suggesting a porcelain crown. Keep in mind that a dental crown will most likely replace your entire tooth. So, check if there are alternative options that’ll cost you less or even restore your damaged tooth.

Never Use Your Teeth for Other Things

Your teeth are meant to perform basic tasks, such as speaking, chewing, and biting. Using it for other means, such opening a bottle, can cause damage. It’s the same scenario even if you have dental crowns. You may want to avoid certain foods that aren’t ideal for your teeth, such as unpopped popcorn kernels and ice.

Choose a Good Dentist

Lastly, choose a cosmetic dentist that you can trust. Your dentist will be responsible for ensuring that your dental crown will look its best.

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Getting a dental crown is a great way to hide or even repair any damages to your teeth. It’s always best to look for a reputable dentist to ensure that you’ll get your desired results.