Braces at Slough Braces Centre

Girl with Braces TreatmentSmiling is integral to our body language and communication, and we all want to have a great and welcoming smile. Dentists based in Slough, Slough Braces Centre, can provide you with the best results based on your needs. Braces treatments are a widely available option, for you or your children to take advantage of. Smiling with confidence again is a small perk that braces allow. The high demand with over 200,000 adults and children in England and Wales only, starting their orthodontic treatment as of last year shows the popularity of the treatment and the little to no worry that you should show.

The purpose of a braces treatment is to make the best of your teeth. This includes allowing you to bite correctly, eat more comfortably, and to care for your teeth and gums more easily. Treatment almost always involves using braces to straighten crooked, crowded or protruding teeth, close gaps between teeth, and correct the bite of the teeth so the top and bottom teeth meet when you close your mouth. Treatment usually lasts from 18 months to two years, and visits to the orthodontist are needed every four to six weeks to continuously monitor the treatment.

There are a vast array of different braces types, which are all designed to suit the patient. Some are fixed and stay in all of the time, others you can take out at night and clean. The braces treatments available at Slough Braces Centre provide the patient with a consultation period. The best way to find out is to schedule a private consultation with your orthodontist.

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How will braces influence my eating?

Eating the wrong foods can damage or even break your brace. For the first few days, it may be better to keep to soft foods.

Whatever type of brace you have, you should avoid sticky, chewy and sugary foods. Chewing gum is not recommended as it can stick to your brace. Avoid hard foods such as whole apples, carrots, French bread and crusty rolls. These foods could break the wires and brackets that are part of your brace.