Choosing Glasses Frames that Suit Your Face Shape

Eyewear in BrisbaneWhen buying new glasses, comfort and usability aren’t the only things you need to think about. The frame’s design can either complement your face and bring out your best features, or do the exact opposite. How do you find eyeglasses that flatter your face shape?

Fortunately, it’s widely accepted that frame designs suit certain faces. Before you start shopping for glasses frames in Brisbane and other parts of QLD, take note of the following:

Oval: Balanced features, with a chin narrower than your forehead

People with oval faces have it great, since they can wear just about anything well. You should simply tray a variety of styles, and pick something that you like. Wide frames works especially well to preserve the symmetry and balance of your face, however.

Square: Well-defined jawline, angular features, and a wide forehead

Experts recommend wearing glasses that soften your features, and make the face look longer. Round and oval frames are good for this purpose. They likewise emphasize your nose’s length, which further reduces the face’s block-like appearance.

Round: Equal width and height, with full cheeks

Round faces are quite short, so like before, you want something that can lengthen and make your face slimmer. The most popular choice here are narrow, rectangular frames; these create the illusion of raising your eyes, and add more definition to your soft features.

Heart: High cheekbones and a pointed chin

Is your forehead broad compared to your chin? If so, stay away from frames that are top heavy, since they will further emphasize this. Aviators are a classic no-no; go for rimless or semi-rimless instead.

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Oblong: Long and thin face with a straight cheek line

You want a wide frame that shortens your face and adds depth. Square frames and aviators look great on you. Don’t wear anything narrow, as it just further accentuates the long shape of your head.

As you can see, complementary frames are all about contrast. They fill in what’s lacking, and soften what stands out too much. Know what best fits your face shape to wear your glasses with confidence.