The Factors That Influence the Results of Your Botox Injection

Woman Having Her BotoxThe wrinkling of your facial skin is mostly unavoidable with ageing and sometimes, genetic predisposition. Thankfully, with Botox, you now have an effective solution. Botox has botulinum toxin type A, which paralyses facial muscles temporarily to smoothen out wrinkles.

Several aspects influence the results of your Botox injection. The primary one is the Botox clinic in Chester you choose. This is because there are several factors that can only be controlled by your chosen clinic and its personnel to enhance your injection results. Here are some titbits on these factors:

Age of Reconstituted Botox

Manufacturers will specify the recommended time for the use of reconstituted Botox on their packs. For most brands, the recommended timeframe is within one to two days after mixing. Freshly reconstituted Botox is the most efficient, but after the prescribed timeline, the solution will mostly be ineffective. To ensure your drug is fresh, settle for a busy clinic.

Reconstitution Technique

Botox is available in powder form. It should be mixed with saline before injection according to specific manufacturer instructions. Some clinics, in an attempt to make more profit, put in more saline than the manufacturer’s recommended limit to create more Botox. This over diluted Botox is useless.

Injection Method

The recommended technique for injecting Botox is three to five within the targeted treatment area. The injection is given perpendicularly to your skin and intramuscularly. The exact injection pattern varies depending on your skin. A competent service provider can assess your skin and use the best technique for the optimal results of your Botox treatment.

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From the above factors, you can appreciate the essence of choosing a decent clinic for your Botox injection. Backstreet clinics might offer similar treatments, but the results will not be worth the money you spend. Botox done the right way will last for not less than six months with proper skin care.