Three Reasons to Let Your Kids Bike to School

Family pushing bikesBiking is more than just a sport; it is a wellness activity that many people can participate in. Between its promotion of exercise to its benefits to the environment, here are some great reasons you should encourage your kids to bike to school as well.

1. Cultivate the Healthy Habit of Exercise

Whether old or young, it is crucial to have exercise as a part of one’s routine. However, the fast-paced and indoor lifestyle makes this harder to achieve. This is why biking to school is a great way to have a compromise. The short way between school and home is a good opportunity, and it is up to the parent to ensure that their kids make good use of this time.

2. Save Money on Transportation

There comes a time when parents do not have to bring their children to school anymore. Since there are bike shelters for schools, kids do not even have to worry about their bikes being stolen or getting worn down by the weather. Best of all, you also get to save on transport and fuel costs. It is a win-win for both you and your child.

3. Raise their Awareness of the Environment

Constant messages on environmental issues do have an impact—but nothing says it clearer than having your child actually take action. More institutions are now building bike shelters to encourage kids to bring their own bikes when commuting. The interest in riding a bike is just the beginning—knowing its impact on the environment can make this little act even more profound on your child’s mind and motivate them to do further acts of kindness to the environment.

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Let your kids experience the joy of helping the environment in these small ways as they also become closer to nature and indulge in a great way to maintain a fit lifestyle.