3 Easy Fixes to Make Your Botox Last Longer

blonde woman receiving botox injectionIt’s a given that people want to have a smooth and wrinkle-free skin. That’s why those in SLC and other parts of Utah choose Botox as their personal choice when it comes to achieving a youthful glow. However, it can be expensive so some are hesitant to try it out. The good news is there are ways to extend its effects so you can spend less time and money on doctor visits.

Here are a few ways on how you can achieve a youthful glow and stretch the effects of Botox:

Use moisturizer prudently

Your skin needs the nourishment it deserves. If Botox is like a facial exercise, then a moisturizer acts as its healthy diet. According to Harper’s Bazaar, you may want to add moisturizer into your skin care routine after the injection. Ensure to use products that have hyaluronic acid and glycerin content to properly hydrate the fillers and enhance the results of the Botox.

Take supplements

Botox is a part of a group of enzymes that need zinc to work properly. Based on an article posted on Medical Spa MD, taking up supplements that are rich in Zinc can lengthen the effects of Botox and ensure that it’ll last longer than expected. Another way to increase the effects of fillers is by using collagen to boost its effects.

Use sun protection

Constant exposure to the sun can cause your skin to age faster. Apply sunscreen with at least SPF 30 every day so you can get enough protection for your skin. Properly hydrating your body while using sun protection will help keep your skin’s elasticity and prevent wrinkle protection as well.

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Properly maintaining your skin after Botox is essential to ensure that its effects will last longer than usual. You may want to ask your doctor for tips on how to properly manage your skin after treatment.