Do you believe diamonds are forever? Diamond rings have always been the preference of many men and women all over the world. There is proof as to why these rings are considered as the “forever.” Have you ever wondered why many women, and also men, wouldn’t settle for anything less when it comes to their engagement rings, but only diamond rings will do? This might have something to do with […]

Are you looking for an adrenaline rush? People who love adventure and extreme sports may choose among many thrilling activities, including skiing and snowboarding. You may have already done these exhilarating activities before, but what if we take the experience a notch higher? Try heli-skiing. What is Heli-Skiing? Heli-skiing is still skiing or snowboarding. The only difference is its mode of travel uphill. Typical skiing or snowboarding uses ski lifts […]

A 2004 CDC report shows that over 1.5 million Americans are affected by rheumatoid arthritis (RA). The Arthritis Foundation has dubbed it the number one cause of disability in the U.S. RA is just one of the many auto-immune diseases that develop when the immune system attacks the joints and tissues around them. Deconstructing Inflammatory Arthritis A recent study conducted by scientists from Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) has found […]

Skinny jeans are all the rage, and their appeal extends to a large number of fashion-conscious fans. While ultra-slim jeans do keep a person in style, doctors have also warned against the effects of wearing tight-fitting clothes on muscle nerves and lower limbs. While it may seem ludicrous, it is possible to get injured because of wearing tight jeans. Sometimes, people tend to ignore the pain in the legs while […]

The path towards sobriety after a long spell of drug and substance abuse can be tedious and trying, bordering on impossible. Many people struggling with a drug problem often find themselves at the mercy of an unforgiving habit. It appears as if the addiction is fighting back, thwarting every effort to kick it to the curb. Whereas the process is challenging, it’s not impossible. You only need to have a good strategy when […]