Is Coffee Really Bad For Your Teeth? Find Out Why

A Woman Having a Coffee BreakIn recent years, there have been several studies about the health benefits of coffee. But still, many believe that coffee is bad for dental health. Find out why.

It Can Stain Your Teeth

If coffee can stain your crisp, white shirt, your white mug, or your white couch, it can definitely stain your teeth. Sure, tooth enamel is one of the body’s strongest and hardest substances and it might appear smooth to the naked eye, but it has microscopic ridges and pits wherein liquids and food particles can get stuck. Dark pigments from beverages, such as coffee, soda, and tea can accumulate in the tooth and cause it to have a yellowish tint.

Unfortunately, even if you “lighten” your coffee with creamer and sugar, it doesn’t stop the dark pigments from staining your teeth. If you love coffee and you have yellow-stained teeth, visit a dentist near your Lafayette home to address the discoloration and have your teeth professionally cleaned.

It Can Cause Enamel and Tooth Erosion

Coffee can also help bacteria in your mouth create acid, which then results in the erosion of the tooth enamel. The damaged teeth then become brittle and start looking thinner. To prevent this, you need to see a dentist who can give you some recommendations.

It Can Cause Bad Breath

Even if you drink sweet-tasting and sweet-smelling coffee concoctions, coffee can still cause bad breath. Drinking coffee can cause your mouth to dry up and slow down the production of saliva. Another reason for the bad breath is that coffee has a very strong aroma. Coffee breath can be an unpleasant thing and can lead to more dental problems.

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If you love coffee, make sure you eat something before you drink. Brushing your teeth after drinking coffee and using a tongue scraper regularly can help get rid of bacteria that cause bad breath.

Some people like coffee, while others don’t. But then, some can’t live without it. You don’t need to get rid of coffee altogether. You just need to employ some best practices when it comes to dental hygiene so coffee won’t ruin your lifestyle and health.