Lower Your Car Running Costs with 2 Incredibly Simple Moves

a woman driving a carMany drivers fail to make the connection between their driving habits and their car running costs, making it a costly affair. Your driving habits dictate the state of your vehicle as well as how much you spend on insurance.

Next to mortgage, the car is the second biggest budget item in the household budget, notes a provider of car insurance in Aurora, IL.

A recent survey by the AAA indicates that the average motorist spends northwards of $8,000 a year to keep their cars. It works out to about $700 a month.

If your car taste tends towards modesty, your new sedan is likely to set you back about $6,000. However, is your car like more power under the hood, your truck will leave a $10,000 dent in your wallet.

1. Avoid driving aggressively

Heavy foot driving is a costly habit that is likely to leave a sizable dent in your wallet. For starter, you’re putting extra strain on the entire car system, which increases the wear and tear and lowers the longevity of parts. It means that your repair tabs will be on the higher side.

Again, speeding increases your likelihood of getting into a fender-bender, setting off a chain of unfortunate events. If you are blamed for causing an accident, the cost of your insurance premiums shoots up. The rate goes up with each claim you make and so you might end up paying thousands of dollars in insurance more than the careful driver.

2. Improve your time management

It might seem unrelated but the inability to master time management is often the cause of many road rage incidents on the road. See, you’re likely to push the limits on the road when you’re running late. You tend to ignore speed limits, overtake dangerously, and grow impatient with slow drivers.

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At that moment, everyone on the road is a hindrance for they are getting in the way of getting to your destination quickly. If you’re on time, you won’t have to make up for lost time by flooring it or engaging in risky behavior on the road.

Your conduct on the road can help you keep the car running costs cheap and affordable. Proper time management ensure that you’re on time for all your appointments, helping you avoid driving aggressively.