The Pros and Cons of Teeth Whitening in Camden

Woman showing bright smileMost dental treatments have their benefits and challenges. It’s up to the patient to decide whether the former gives them enough incentive to work through the latter when it comes to teeth whitening.

A great practitioner, like Ace Dental talks their patient through all of the pros and cons before beginning a treatment like teeth whitening in Camden. This is so that they are well informed and can make positive choices about their cosmetic dentistry procedure.

Some of the pros and cons are discussed below:


  • Beautiful smile – this is perhaps the most obvious benefit and also the reason that people choose teeth whitening in Camden. A bright smile can offer someone an extra layer of confidence for an important event or social occasion.
  • Choice of treatment options – most clinics offer two choices when it comes to teeth whitening so that the patient can decide for themselves which is the most suitable route. This normally includes an in-clinic option and an at-home option.
  • Simple preparation – one of the only pre-requisites for patients who are suitable for teeth whitening in Camden is that they have healthy teeth before they begin treatment.


  • Sensitivity – it is fairly common for someone to experience sensitivity while going through a whitening process. This is something the patient’s dentist can discuss with them and they may be able to provide or recommend products that will help. The effect is not permanent and fades once the whitening treatment stops.
  • It’s not for everyone – only those who are over 18 can have teeth whitening in Camden. Also, it is not suitable for pregnant women. This is because pregnancy has an effect on the whole body and it can change the sensitivity and resilience of the teeth.
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Additionally, most stains respond to whitening, but not all of them. A dentist only needs to do a quick check to ascertain whether a patient’s stains are likely to produce the desired effect. If they are extrinsic or to do with the quality of the surface of the teeth, teeth whitening is probably going to have some effect. If they are intrinsic or built into the structure of the teeth, it is unlikely to change things by very much.