Understanding Grief and Bereavement—Getting a New Lease on Life

Husband visiting his wife's graveOverwhelming emotions accompany the loss of a loved one. Coping with what happened can be a long, tedious, and complicated process. Acceptance may be long in coming, for many.

When you are in the process of coping with loss, what can you do to usher in understanding and acceptance? What can you do to move on with your life? Here are some key aspects to easing the process of bereavement.

 Understanding the journey

Grief reactions are a normal part of the process when dealing with loss. A person will normally experience reactions in the realms of the physical, social, and mental. We must accept the fact that the loss of someone close is not something one can recover from completely – although one moves on to a place of diminished grief, eventually. While those who nurtured a deeper relationship with the one who passed away will have a more intense and overwhelming experience, everyone who grieves eventually finds stability and normalcy. In time, thoughts of despair, frustration, sadness, and anger should pass. The intensity of the feelings will taper. However, some people go through a more complicated process and for a longer period of time. In such cases, it is wise to seek help from the experts at places such as Center for Hospice Care for their grief and bereavement programs in Indiana.

The period of bereavement

The period after a loss—bereavement—is the time when people mourn and adapt. Cultural customs play a huge role in the mourning process. Rituals may define specific outward aspects of the bereavement period. Yet, the internal struggles are similar despite differences in age, sex, and cultural affiliations. The process of adapting to the new status quo may define the rest of someone’s life.

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Everyone who grieves a loss must think about moving on with life. The period of bereavement may be characterized by intense emotions, but it can also be a catalyst for change. Some people find a renewed sense of purpose and a clearer sense of meaning. With the help provided by grief and bereavement programs in Indiana, coping can be more manageable. You can always choose to move forward with your life – and you don’t have to do it alone.