3 Things to Keep in Mind Before Running on the Beach

Woman Jogging BeachHave you ever noticed that every time you run on the beach, your whole body and especially your legs feel extremely painful right after? Well then, you just might be doing it all wrong.

Fitness centers offering weight loss systems for women give some tips on what to do before jogging or running on the beach to prevent your legs and body from feeling the excruciating pain after.

Warm Those Legs Up

Make sure to stretch your legs well to warm them up before running on the beach. It’s much more difficult to run on the beach compared to a pavement, which means that you’ll be using more of your muscles.

Try doing advanced warm-up exercises such as high knees, hip circles, butt kickers, and forward lunges. You also need to warm-up your ankles by doing some seated ankle rotations as well as calf raises.

Don’t Feel Pressured

You don’t have to run fast right away; instead, can start slow and gradually build up your pace. Forcing yourself to go faster than you can will only make you feel exhausted right away.

Just enjoy the view, run with a pace that you’re comfortable with, and eventually build up to a faster run when you feel like you can.

Wear Your Shoes

Yes, you’ve read that right—you should wear your shoes the first few times you run on the beach. Your shoes will give your ankles some support and stability, compared to running on the beach barefoot.

On your third or fourth day, you can try running without them. However, if you still feel like you’re having a hard time, then put them on again.

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