5 Ways to Make the Most Out of Dragon Voice Recognition Software

Dragon Voice Recognition SoftwareDragon is one of the most reliable voice recognition software platforms today. Simply speak into your computer’s mic while it’s listening and it will translate your words into text or computer commands.

The average human can type at 40 words per minute, but can dictate at 150 wpm. If you’re typing a 900-word document, you can get it done in 22 minutes. If you’re dictating to Dragon software voice recognition, the document is complete in nine minutes.

In short, Dragon is a great way to dictate notes and create accurate transcriptions while cutting down the time it usually takes to do these things. If you’re only starting out with Dragon or would like to make the most out of it, check out these five recommendations:

Set Realistic Expectations

For all Dragon’s great features, it is a voice recognition software, not a personal digital assistant. It can write documents, perform commands, and even surf the Web, but don’t get your hopes up if you’re planning to use Photoshop and other software with it.

Speak Properly

While Dragon can pick up most words accurately, it helps if you speak like a broadcaster. Pronounce each word clearly and make your voice loud and clear.

Add New Vocabulary

Dragon may know a lot of words, but it doesn’t know every word, including obscure proper names. You can get around this by saying “Add word,” typing the word into the keyboard, and pronouncing it while Dragon is listening.

Use a Wireless Mic

Going wireless means you can stand up and walk around while dictating to Dragon. If you’re tired of being tied to your desk all day but can’t afford a treadmill desk, this is a great way to get some exercise in while doing your work.

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Dragon isn’t perfect. It can hear what you say, but it doesn’t truly understand what you mean. It’s possible for Dragon to type “I scream” when what you meant was “ice cream.” You can avoid potential embarrassments by going through the document and making edits for misheard words and phrases.

Whether you’re producing legal documents, novels, business emails, bank statements, or plain, old notes to serve as reminders, using Dragon voice recognition software is a great way to transform your thoughts into a business document.