Iboga Experience: What It Means to Live in Harmony

Ibogaine Treatment ClinicIboga is an evergreen shrubbery that can typically be found in West Africa. It is considered to be hallucinogenic and, without proper supervision of its use, could lead to a number of health problems, and even death. In controlled amounts, however, it has been known to be quite effective in dealing with fever, flu, high blood pressure, and a number of nerve disorders.

The Iboga Experience

Much of Iboga’s popularity, however, is due to its psychedelic properties. In some cases, as little as 10 grams of a ground root can already bring about a different Iboga experience. In Bwiti spiritual ceremonies, initiates have been known to down as much as 120 grams of Iboga. This typically leads to days of being in a trance-like state, with the initiates, or Banzies, being brought back to reality with a lot of music, chanting, and dancing.

Now, you have to keep in mind that different people have different Ibogaine treatment clinic experience. For some, as little as 8 grams can cause 3D flashes of colors and mundane objects that can make the person feel like he is floating in space. Regardless of the amount, however, all users are on in saying that they felt as if there was a guiding force during the entire experience. This guiding force, however, seems to emanate from within the person instead of from an external source. This could be the reason why most patients who have suffered from drug addiction for a long time were easily weaned off the substance they are addicted to. The experience could have brought about a different understanding of themselves as well as of their particular situation.

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Trying the Experience

If you are interested in experiencing the effects of Iboga, you have to keep in mind a few things – it should be taken under the supervision of a qualified professional, it could lead to dehydration so you need to have a water on hand, and it could result to nausea so make sure you lie down during the entire process.