Proof That Diamond Rings are Forever

A Luxurious Diamond Engagement RingDo you believe diamonds are forever? Diamond rings have always been the preference of many men and women all over the world. There is proof as to why these rings are considered as the “forever.”

Have you ever wondered why many women, and also men, wouldn’t settle for anything less when it comes to their engagement rings, but only diamond rings will do? This might have something to do with the old saying, rather, old James Bond movie, that diamonds are forever. If you’re not convinced with this, there might just be some physical proof as to why diamonds have gained such fame.

Harder than Gold and Silver

Between gold, silver and diamond, it is the latter that is considered the hardest. Diamonds are the hardest thing around. If gold is malleable and could be molded into a shape that you would like, diamonds could not. The only thing that could reshape or work on a diamond is another diamond. This goes to show that diamonds indeed last for a long time, and one can hardly destroy it, says AAA Jewelers. This makes diamond rings in Utah truly deserving of symbolizing the “forever” of couples.

Sparkles Like Love

Try to bring the diamond close to the light and you will see the sparkle of the different facets of the diamond. Have you seen women gaze lovingly at the diamond and gushing at how it sparkles? Just like love, the sparkles of the diamond makes people think of forever. Remember that the natural diamond just looks like a rock that you have to polish. The cut today that makes diamonds sparkle well was pioneered by physicist Marcel Tolkowsky. He discovered how to cut the diamond in a way that it will enhance its facets.

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High Value

Almost everyone knows that diamonds are of high value. When a girl receives a diamond ring, it just goes to show that the guy went out of his way to purchase an expensive commodity for her. Although love cannot be measured by the price of the ring, it would still make women feel special every time. So even after 10 or 20 years, women will always appreciate a diamond ring.

Now you see why diamonds are indeed forever. They’re hard, sparkles and of high value. This also denotes that for as long as you take care of that diamond ring, it will last you for a lifetime.