When Flight Means Fight: Facing Acrophobia

Hot Air Balloon FlightFear can be crippling. There are moments where your brain wants to do something, but your body just cannot do it. Your legs sleep and seem to weigh tons, and then your hands start to shake uncontrollably. Everything just feels frustrating for you.

Fear usually stems from early experiences. A negative experience can create patterns in the mind, giving you the natural reaction to avoid a situation. An approaching similar experience triggers a reaction that happened before, an irrational and uncontrollable response.

There are various ways to overcome the fear of heights. You can hire a shrink. You can motivate yourself. And you can take a leap of faith.

When overcoming a fear, your goal is to unseat its root in your mind. You need to motivate yourself and replace all negativities with something positive. You need to associate positive sensations to the fear you have.

It is like a psychological acupuncture. You deal with the negative points by letting the good thoughts flow in you.

For example, you can browse at beautiful sunrise photos from balloon flight providers, like Beyond Ballooning. Motivate yourself. Instead of being anxious, visualise a scenic sunset and marvellous views. Who knows, a balloon flight may actually be your best fight against your fear of height.

Some people, however, would rather face their fears gradually, until they can face higher challenges. But, there is one way to encourage yourself — by investing in an experience. You are more likely to do something if you invested in it, especially for the right reason.

Buy yourself a ticket to an activity like rappelling or hot air balloon flight. Knowing you already spent for it will motivate you more because you will not want it to go to waste.

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Your confidence to overcome your fear also increases by having reliable people around. Service providers with good reputation and equipment can guarantee your safety and comfort. It eliminates a portion of your worries.

Once you have accomplished it, take pride in your achievement, but be sure not to lose momentum. It is better to continue doing more activities with greater heights and challenges.